Surprisingly, there are many things to consider when picking the right deodorant! Here are some of the questions we frequently get from customers. Just click on the question to see the answer.

Where can I buy it?
Our Natural Deodorant is available for sale now in the Kobi Shop. It also can be purchased on Amazon.
What does it smell like?
Sweet Lime has a bright, citrusy smell with hints of lemongrass and basil. Vanilla Dream is sweet, vanilla-y, and floral with hints of lemon and allspice. And Mountain Mint is mostly minty when first applied, which then gives way to the earthy scent of fresh-cut cedarwood.

We only use 100% pure essential oils for fragrance, so all of our deodorants smell very natural and not at all artificial or “chemically” like some brands.

How long does the scent last?
To keep our deodorant safe and natural, we lightly scent it with just a very small amount of essential oil which does evaporate and fade after a short period of time (roughly one hour). Therefore, the scent won’t linger all day like synthetic fragrances might, and this product shouldn’t be viewed as a perfume or body spray substitute. But even though the scent won’t last all day, the odor-fighting protection will!
What color is the deodorant liquid?
Our deodorant is white while applying and dries clear. It can leave a faint, powdery appearance when dry, depending on the quantity used, but it won’t ever clump up or leave white marks on clothes like stick deodorants can. If your child wants their underarms to be 100% clear, simply have them use a bit less and/or rub the deodorant in thoroughly with their fingers after applying.
Does it stain clothes?
No! Unlike many stick deodorants, our liquid roll-on won’t leave white streaks on your clothes after getting dressed. It also won’t cause permanent yellow stains on undershirts or other clothing items. This phenomenon occurs due to the high oil content of stick deodorants – our water-based formula contains only a very tiny amount of oil.
Does it stop sweating, too?
In addition to fighting armpit odor, Kobi Natural Deodorant may also help reduce underarm sweating. However, it likely won’t stop it completely (the dangerous aluminum in non-natural antiperspirants is what blocks the sweat). Some sweat is actually a good thing, as this is a natural way for the body to get rid of toxins. Most importantly though, even if your child still sweats they won’t smell. Your nose will be safe!
How long does the odor protection last?
Typically all day, depending on the level of activity. We recommend applying every 12 hours for best results. Kids who are heavily involved in sports or other physical activities may need to apply more often (after washing their pits, of course!).
How long does one bottle last?
With daily use, one bottle will typically last at least 2-3 months. We’ve found this to be twice as long as some of the other kids’ deodorant brands!
How much should my child use?

Just a couple of rolls per armpit is plenty. We recommend they rub their arms against their body a few times (as if running) to help spread the deodorant, then letting it dry for a few minutes before getting dressed. Apply every 12 hours for best results.

What ages can use your deodorant?
Our Natural Deodorant was designed for super-sensitive skin, so it’s perfect for kids of all ages. We’ve had customers as young as five, and there are also plenty of high-schoolers using our deodorant. It’s even great for adults who have sensitive skin and don’t get along with the irritating baking soda that’s so prevalent in natural deodorants for grown-ups!
Is it travel-safe?
Absolutely! Our high-grade plastic bottle is 3 fl. oz. (89 mL), so it’s the perfect carry-on size and meets all TSA requirements. And it has a secure, screw-on cap that won’t pop off and make a mess in bags.
Is the bottle recyclable?
Yes, our bottle is FDA compliant, BPA-free, and 100% recyclable.
What are the ingredients?
Please visit our Ingredients page to see the full list of ingredients, as well as the purpose of each.
Is it organic?
The short answer: Our natural deodorant is made with some organic ingredients, but is not 100% organic.

The long answer: Some of the ingredients in our deodorant are certified organic (e.g., our gums and essential oils). Others are 100% pure and either food-grade or cosmetic-grade (e.g., our zinc oxide and kaolin clay). Others are minimally-processed natural extractions (e.g., our glycerin and witch hazel). All ingredients, however, are high-quality, naturally-derived, and 100% kid-safe!

My child has an allergy - can they use this?
Most likely yes! In addition to keeping all the nasty artificial stuff out of our deodorant, we also went the extra mile to make it as allergy-friendly as possible. Our deodorant is completely free of these common allergens:

Sesame, peanut, gluten, dairy, egg, talc, soy, nut oils, silicone, and artificial fragrances.

However, please double-check the full ingredient list to make sure your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients before using.

Why do you use preservatives?
Preservatives sometimes get a bad rap, but they’re an essential component of skincare products to maintain shelf life and keep consumers safe. Why? Without them, products such as lotions, face washes, and deodorants can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Your deodorant, for example, is constantly coming into contact with your armpits where bacteria like to live, and some of that bacteria gets transferred back to the bottle. Without a preservative to protect the product against this bacteria as well as mold, things can get ugly pretty quickly. Not good!

In short, when it comes to personal care products, preservatives = safety. But, of course, there are good and bad preservatives. We steer clear of the scary stuff (like parabens) and use just a small amount of two naturally-derived preservatives that are both mild, non-irritating, and non-carcinogenic.

Be very careful with natural personal care products (especially liquids) that claim to be “preservative free.” They’ll need to be used up or discarded within a matter of weeks.

Where is it made?
Our deodorant is made in small batches by our team at our facility in Chicago, IL, USA.
Can I place a bulk order?
Yes. Please contact us to share your needs and inquire about bulk availability.
Do you make a stick deodorant, too?
No, we don’t. Why? Because if they’re left in a warm car, backpack, or locker, natural stick deodorants can melt and turn into a goopy mess! Or if left in a cold environment they can become too hard and difficult to apply. So, they don’t work too well with the active lifestyles that most kids lead nowadays. Plus, making them requires using a lot of oil which results in unsightly yellow stains on clothes.

We also explored spray deodorants, but the odor protection tends not to last as long and they can leak in bags. Our liquid roll-on is really the best, safest, and most portable format for kids to use.

Do you plan to release other products?
Yes! We want to offer other top-quality, natural personal care options beyond merely stopping the underarm stink (as noble of a cause as that may be). And to do that, we’d love to learn more about the products you wish you had for your kids. Please consider taking this quick survey to share your feedback!