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why kobi?

We’ve worked hard to create a deodorant for kids that checks all the boxes for what a great kids’ deodorant should be. Here’s what makes Kobi the very best:


No aluminum or scary stuff, just natural ingredients that are soft on skin but tough on odor.


Free of common allergens and irritants like nut oils, soy, baking soda, and artificial fragrance.

Easy to Use

Smooth and creamy roll-on that’s easy to apply and won’t stain clothes, unlike most stick deodorants.

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is your child ready for deodorant?

Nothing makes a parent question their unconditional love for their kids quite like a sweaty waft of post-playtime funk hitting the nostrils. Unfortunately kids tend to be oblivious to their own smells, so it’s unlikely your child has asked you about getting deodorant. But if you’re detecting any kind of unpleasant odor towards the end of their day, or after physical activities, then they’re ready!

Every child is different so this can happen at any age – some kids develop body odor as early as 5 or 6, and others not until their teens. Kobi is safe for all ages.

Our Sweet Lime scent is unisex – both boys and girls love it!

they’re ready, you’re ready, we’re ready.

Officially launched in August 2020, our Natural Deodorant is shipping now! Head on over to the Kobi Store to grab a bottle, or try our Variety 3-Pack!

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